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Arrested in Tampa Florida?
Contact an Aggressive Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney

Tampa Criminal Attorney - Federal and State Crimes Defense

An arrest or indictment can be one of the most frightening life experiences. However, a Tampa criminal attorney can help you take control of your case and fight to preserve your freedom.

Tampa criminal defense lawyer Jeffrey I. Reisman has extensive knowledge of Florida and federal law as well as the court systems of Hillsborough County and Pinellas County. Whether you face a criminal charge in a county court, a state circuit court, or the federal U.S. District Court, Reisman offers aggressive legal counsel.

By choosing the Reisman Law Office, Reisman will scrutinize your case and assert your rights at every stage in the criminal process. Having a good lawyer increases the chance your case ends with a dismissal or a fair sentence.

About Our Law Firm

As a former prosecutor and now a defense lawyer, Reisman has handled thousands of criminal cases within Florida. He provides expert representation against criminal accusations including drug crimes, DUI/DWI, weapons charges, theft crimes, violent crimes, juvenile crimes, sealing and expungement and an array of federal charges.

Reisman is dedicated to not only aggressively defending his clients, but keeping them informed.  Reisman himself is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, before you hire him and after. Some law firms leave their clients wondering if they will ever return their calls, or if the client will ever speak to a real lawyer.

Federal Crimes Defense in Tampa Bay - Drug Crimes and More

Are you charged with a federal crime? Or is a federal government agency investigating you, your workplace, or asking you to speak with them? Reisman is a member of the Middle District of Florida and U.S. Court of Appeals 11th Circuit and aggressively defends those indicted or investigated by the Federal government. Only let a highly experienced federal defense attorney handle these complicated cases.

Contact an Experienced Lawyer Today

If you face criminal charges and want an aggressive defense attorney in Tampa to see you through this ordeal, call the law office of Jeffrey I. Reisman: (813) 258-5333.