Criminal and Drug Crime Case Results

Felony Marijuana Charges Dropped
August 12, 2008

Client pulled over in a r/v for loud advertising of a business. Subsequent search of the vehicle yielded a felony amount of marijuana. Client was eventually arrested for Felony possession of marijuana. Through research it ends up that the Florida statute and case law allows for loud advertising for a business at certain times of the day, legally. A motion was filed in the Court to Suppress the evidence base on an illegal search and seizure. The State Prosecutor agreed with the motion and the case was dismissed

Exhibition of a Firearm Charges not Filed
August 12, 2008

Client was alleged to have walked out of his residence with a gun in his hand to settle a neighborly dispute. Evidence presented to the State Attorney prior to them making a filing decision convinced them not file the felony charges and the client was never charged.

Client Keeps Record Clean
July 11, 2008

Client was involved in a car accident and transported to the hospital. Police recovered alleged 10 plus grams of cocaine in plain view on the middle console. Client was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. Client had no prior record and needed to keep his record clean. Through negotiation and fact finding clients charge was reduced from intent to distribute to possession of cocaine and he was allowed to enter the Pre-trial Intervention Program. When client successfully completes the program all charges will be dropped and the client will continue to have a clean criminal record.

Trafficking Cocaine Charges not Filed
July 8, 2008

Defendant, alleged to have been in a vehicle with trafficking amount of cocaine with driver. Evidence was presented to the State Attorney’s Office convincing them not file trafficking charges against the Defendant. Client was never charged with a 3 year minimum mandatory charge.

Theft Charges Dismissed
July 7, 2008

Client was accused to have stolen the alleged victims keys from his vehicle. After a non-jury trial the Defense argued that there was to many conflicts in the evidence and the Judge found the Defendant not guilty because the government could not prove their case in chief beyond a reasonable doubt.

Felony Marijuana Charges Dropped
January 8, 2008

Client was pulled over for having crack in his windshield. In lieu of cross examination where it would have been apparent that officer could not make determination that crack in glass was a safety hazard the State dismissed the case.

Marijuana Charges Dismissed After Motion To Suppress
May 25, 2007

Client was pulled over in his vehicle for improper brake lights. When the Officer approached the driver side window he immefiatley smelt marijuana searched the vehicle which yeilded a large amount of marijuana. After researching the stop and looking at the vehicle it was clear that client had two working brake lights. One on the left side and an unconventional taillight in the middle of the back window. After hearing on a motion to suppress based on an illegal stop the Judge agreed that the working taillights do not have to be the conventional brake lights. As long as any two tailights work, that is sufficient and dismissed the charges.

Client Found Not Guilty on Kidnapping Charges After Jury Trial
May 25, 2007

Client allegedley went over to ex-girlfriends house and dragged her into his car and allegedley beat her. State offered very strict sentence. During trial the evidence showed that the alleged victim did not have injuries consistent with her story and that her veracity to tell the truth was questionable. The Jury felt there was reasonable doubt and found my client not guilty.

Marijuana and Obstructing Charges Dismissed
May 25, 2007

Client was stopped for speeding, officer used the smell of marijuana as probable cause to search client and car. Officer eventually arrested client for having small amount of marijuana in the car and for obstructing for throwing some marijuana out the car window. Upon a Motion to Suppress evidence and a motion to dismiss the State felt that the motions were valid and dismissed the case.

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