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In Florida there is a quite a difference from the adult court system and the juvenile one. In adult court you have a right to be tried by a jury of your peers. In Juvenile court the only one that determines your guilt or innocence is the Judge presiding over the case. Also the programs and sentencing structures are more lenient on a juvenile in hopes of rehabilitation versus strict punishment which is an often occurrence in adult court.

The juvenile court has diversionary programs available for first time offenders in which entry is only allowed if the victims, the state attorneys office and the judge all agree. These diversionary programs are geared toward rehabilitation and allowing the minor to have a second chance to succeed in society without having a prior record.

Jeffrey I. Reisman was not only a prosecutor in Juvenile court but has also defended minors who have been charged aggressively and successfully. If your child or a minor whom you want to help needs aggressive defense in Juvenile court call Jeffrey I. Reisman at (813) 258 5333.