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Drug Crimes

When arrested for a drug crime it is important to understand the difference between actual possession of the illegal substance arrested for or constructive possession of the substance arrested for.

Actual possession is when the illegal substance arrested for is found on your person like in your pocket whereas Constructive possession is when the illegal substance is close or near to you like scattered in a vehicle or residence. This is why it is so important to hire an experienced criminal attorney who can assess the situation and prepare a strong defense.

If prosecuted for a drug crime within the State of Florida, and you where not in actual possession but allegedly in constructive possession the government must prove two elements beyond a reasonable doubt before the Court can find you guilty. First, the government must prove that you had dominion and control over the illegal substance and secondly that you had knowledge of the illegal substance.

Many people are arrested for drug crimes in Florida after a stop and a search of there vehicle yields an illegal substance. If the substance was not found on their person and found somewhere else in the vehicle the government would be forced to prove that you were in constructive possession of the illegal substance.

If you are convicted for a felony drug crime in Florida you will lose your right to vote bear arms and hold office. Also if convicted the conviction will be on your record for life and seriously impede your ability to attend college and become gainfully employed.

That is why it is important to hire an attorney like Jeffrey Reisman who understands the different tools that can be utilized to have your case dismissed or in the alternative lessen the hardship a conviction can have on your life.

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