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How will an arrest for driving under the influence impact my drivers license?

In Florida the consequences of being arrested for DUI are harsh and can have a severe impact on ones freedom and ability to drive. Immediately a person arrested for DUI must prepare to fight for his ability to drive and keep a DUI off his or her record by hiring an aggressive able Tampa DUI Lawyer like Jeffrey I. Reisman who knows the current DUI laws and the different avenues one can take when challenging a DUI. As a former prosecutor and Criminal Defense attorney Jeffrey I. Reisman has handled hundreds of DUI cases and can spot the important issues that must be pursued for a successful defense.

If convicted for driving under the Influence in Florida there are mandatory requirements enacted by the legislature that a judge must sentence a defendant to. If convicted for a first time DUI the following sanctions are required-

12 months probation and as a condition of probation the Defendant must: complete DUI School, pay fines and court costs, 50 hours of community service (The Judge may convert the hours to a fine). 10 day impound on vehicle. A drug-alcohol evaluation and treatment if necessary and six months driver's license suspension. If your breath alcohol level was above .20 a $500 fine will be assessed. The Judge will generally terminate probation after six months if you have completed everything successfully. Click on the following link for information on sanctions on second and subsequent DUI's.

DUI and the Court

As a Tampa DUI Lawyer Jeffrey I. Reisman will defend you at the administrative hearing where the Department of Motor Vehicles determines weather to suspend your license because you did in fact refuse to give a breath sample or gave a breath sample over the legal limit.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey I. Reisman will help you secure a temporary driver's license before the Department of Motor Vehicles conducts an administrative hearing in an attempt to suspend your license.

If arrested for DUI the yellow citation that you received during or after your arrest acts as a driver's license for 10 days from the date of your arrest. When arrested for DUI the Law Offices of Jeffrey I. Reisman request a hearing from the bureau of administrative reviews within 10 days to challenge an automatic suspension of your license. The Law Offices in the interim will secure you a temporary driver's license prior to your administrative hearing. If the Department of Motor Vehicles determines that you did in fact refuse to give a breath sample or gave a breath sample over .08, your license will be suspended for six months if you gave a breath sample of .08 or higher and twelve months for a refusal to give a breath sample. You will be eligible for a hardship license for school religious and work purposes and not allowed to apply for 30 days after your administrative suspension if you provided a breath sample of .08 or higher and 90 days if it was determined that you refused.

If the bureau of administrative reviews determines that you did not refuse or give a breath sample or did not give a breath sample over .08 then your license will not be administratively suspended and you will be allowed to drive pending the outcome of your case in Court.