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  • Tampa DUI Lawyers

    Arrested in Tampa Florida?
    Contact a Skilled Tampa DUI Lawyer before you speak to the police!

    A strong Tampa DUI lawyer can help you fight your drunk driving charge and increase the chance you enjoy full driving privileges. You face a battle on two fronts if police arrest you for driving under the influence (DUI):

    • A driver's license suspension by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). You must request a DHSMV Administrative Hearing within 10 days of your arrest. This hearing is your only chance to contest an automatic license suspension.
    • A DUI misdemeanor or felony criminal charge in the county, state, or federal courts, where you can be sentenced to jail or prison, depending on the charge.

    At the Reisman Law Offices, we understand that seldom are two DUI cases alike. For each client, we determine an individual case strategy. We aim to help you maintain your driving privileges and avoid jail.

    Jeffrey I. Reisman has prosecuted and defended thousands of people who have been charged with DUI in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties and all of Tampa Bay. He is familiar with the current case law, and will use his experience to fight for a positive outcome in your DUI case.  

    About Drunk Driving, DUI, and DWI

    Drunk driving may be referred to as driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI). Police conduct two kinds of tests to determine if a person may be impaired:

    • Chemical Tests: A person is considered intoxicated if a Breathalyzer or blood test produces a blood alcohol content (BAC) measurement of 0.08 or higher. A strong defense lawyer will examine whether a particular test meets U.S. Constitutional requirements, Florida law, and technical requirements.
    • Field Sobriety Tests:  Even though these tests do not result in specific blood alcohol content readings, the way you behave on camera could be used to convict you of a drunk driving charge. Police may ask suspects to stand on one leg or walk a straight line. These tests are only as good as how people interpret them.

    Florida DUI law can apply when drivers are accused of using legal or illegal drugs, including over-the-counter or prescription medication. If the police say that a drug affected your ability to walk, talk, judge distance, see or hear, or if it affects any other mental or physical ability used in driving, you could be prosecuted for driving under the influence.

    Florida DUI Penalties

    A first DUI arrest in most cases carries a possible jail term of up to 6 months, a fine up to $1,000, or probation of up to 1 year. The charges may be elevated depending on the following factors:

    • Are you accused of DUI with an aggravated factor (such as having a blood alcohol level of 0.16 or higher)?
    • Have you been convicted for DUI in the past?
    • How many of those convictions happened within the past 5 years or 10 years?

    A driver can be charged with felony DUI if:

    • The driver is accused of DUI Manslaughter or DUI Serious Bodily Injury
    • The driver has been convicted of DUI two times within the past 10 years. (Third DUI)
    • The driver has been convicted of DUI three times within any time period. (Fourth DUI)

    Other consequences to consider include a car impound and a post-conviction driver's license revocation. This in addition to a possible dramatic increase in insurance premiums and the blemish on your record.

    About Jeffrey I. Reisman

    If you have been charged with a DUI or DWI, it is important to immediately contact a lawyer at a well-established firm with experience in handling these types of cases.

    You need an advocate in your corner, as having legal representation could be your best opportunity for minimizing the negative effects of a DUI charge, protecting your rights, and for ensuring fair treatment in a court of law.

    If you or a loved one needs a Tampa DUI attorney, call today to speak directly to Jeffrey Reisman: (813) 258-5333.