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Tampa Juvenile Crimes Attorney

A strong Tampa juvenile defense attorney can help a young offender maintain the possibility of a bright future.

The Law Office of Jeffrey Reisman helps families navigate the juvenile justice system, always watching over the rights of the child and working to achieve a fair outcome.

Juvenile cases in Florida can result in many consequences for the offender. Reisman works to make sure those consequences don't harm a child's possibility for success in academics and employment.

About the Juvenile Court System in Florida

In adult court, the accused have a right to a jury trial. In Juvenile court, however, the Judge presiding over the case has the sole authority to determine if an individual is guilty or innocent of a crime.

The programs and sentencing structures are more lenient within the juvenile system than they are in the adult system, placing a far greater emphasis on rehabilitation than on punishment. That said, a strong defense lawyer may be necessary to ensure your child is not subject to unfair or even counter-productive punishments.

A Chance to Avoid a Permanent Record

A defense attorney can play a vital role in negotiating a child's acceptance into a diversionary program. To quality, the victims, the state attorney’s office and the judge all must agree this is an appropriate solution.

These diversionary programs are geared toward rehabilitation and allowing the minor to have a second chance to succeed in society without having a prior record.

Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney

Jeffrey I. Reisman was not only a prosecutor in Juvenile court but has also aggressively and successfully defended minors who have been charged.

 If your child or a minor whom you want to help needs aggressive defense in Juvenile court, call Jeffrey I. Reisman at (813) 258-5333.