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Tampa Probation Violation Lawyer

Criminal defense attorney Jeffrey Reisman offers your chance at quickly resolving an accusation of violation of probation in Tampa.

Representation for Probation Violation Offenses in Tampa

If you or a loved one is facing a violation of probation and there has been a warrant issued for arrest, your bondsman or the clerk may advise you to turn yourself in at the jail.

Reisman can use his extensive knowledge of Florida probation laws to instead bring you into the Court and ask a judge to withdraw the warrant. Without the assistance of an attorney, you could be forced to wait in jail for weeks before you're even given a chance to make your case.

  • In some cases, you may simply need to show up in court with a lawyer to let the judge know you understand the seriousness of your probation sentence.
  • However, when probation officers and the courts raise more serious allegations against you, you may need to contest new charges in a violation of probation hearing.

A judge can issue a range of punishments from modifying your existing probation sentence to revoking it and forcing you to serve a full prison term.

A strong defense lawyer can advocate on your behalf, making a strong case that either you did not commit a probation violation or that you made a mistake and deserve a second chance at freedom.

Call an Experienced Tampa Attorney Today

Jeffrey Reisman has your best interest in mind. He will help you protect your rights and give you a chance at avoiding some unnecessary jail time. For a more in depth understanding on these issues and more, call The Law Offices of Jeffrey I. Reisman at (813) 258-5333, and schedule a free consultation today.